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A Podcast Between Friends


We are fighting cynicism and negativity with conversations

to surprise and delight.

Two friends. Years of conversations - ones to laugh at, ones to think about, ones to cry over, ones to share.


Here’s the podcast of two friends engaged in that ancient art of conversation.


Welcome. We are so happy you are here. Join us and listen.

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Courtney Ferrell

Can be found standing at the busy intersection of people, ideas and inspiration. She can't spell or pronounce many words correctly, but that doesn't stop her from writing or telling her stories. A court jester born hundreds of years too late she is never far from her pen or an audience.


Mason New

In pursuit of the exact right word at the exact right time. Bluegrass addict. Lover of good philosophy, good photos, good stories, and good people. Thinker, writer, humanist, father, husband. Frustrated owner of two basset hounds.

What People Are Saying

"I laughed out loud! I love them!"

Elizabeth, age 29, Washington DC.

"They create a world of interesting people, spontaneous laughter, and poetic storytelling. They believe in the good of humanity."

Debra, age 46, Texas

"Klondike Bars for my ears!"

Whit, age 21, Virginia

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