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Episode 14: Words, Words, Words

1. The Search for Delicious by Natalie Babbitt. (Square Fish Publishing, 2007).

2. "bedlam" - a scene of uproar or confusion.

3. The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester. (HarperCollins, 2003)

4. "audax" - Latin word for "brave, bold, daring"

5. Ironman Triathlon distances: 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bicycle ride, 26.2 full marathon run

6. "ambition/ ambit" - from the Latin to run the ambits (course). Mason stated it was Greek. We can't find the specific connection to Greek and can only find Latin. We will keep looking...

7. Marc Antony's speech about Caesar with reference to Brutus and Caesar's ambition. From Julius Caesar.

8. "mundungus" - foul smelling tobacco. Not the Balderdash definition.

9. Saturday Night Live skit about man mugged every 11 seconds.

10. "Lasterday" - noun. (a new word) referring to the day before the current one...

11. "Potlucking" - verb. (a new word) to gather all kinds of new things in life.

12. "I am part of all that I have met." from "Ulysses" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

13. Biography of Dr. Edith Eger, Holocaust survivor, and proponent of "choose life."

14. Chicago architectural tours.

15. The "landscape of anticipation" from The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson.

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